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Mike Nifong is a rapist

By Scott Tibbs, December 19, 2006

Anyone with even the slightest shred of human decency recognizes that rape is an evil act. The rapist takes what should be a beautiful moment, sexual intimacy between a man and a woman, and turns it into a brutal, demeaning show of force. Society rightly holds rapists in contempt.

Similarly, Mike Nifong, a corrupt prosecutor in Durham, North Carolina has taken what should be a good and honorable thing (prosecuting dangerous criminals) and turned it into a brutal, demeaning show of force. Mike Nifong has raped the reputations of dozens of men who have committed no crime. Mike Nifong has raped the taxpayers of North Carolina. Worst of all, Mike Nifong has raped the justice system.

I said three months ago that Mike Nifong should be behind bars, and my conviction is stronger than ever after reading this shocking article. Following are some quotes:

Meanwhile, the director of a private DNA lab testified that he and the district attorney agreed not to report information helpful to the defense team. He cited several different reasons, and acknowledged under cross-examination that he violated his own lab's standards.

Lab director Brian Meehan found genetic material from several men -- though none of them were Duke lacrosse players -- in samples taken from the body of the accuser the night she said she was allegedly gang-raped.

The full report revealed that there was DNA from unidentified men inside the woman's body and on her underwear but none from any of the 46 players originally under suspicion. The information is significant to the case because the alleged victim said her attackers ejaculated but did not use condoms.

The guidelines also call for five non-suspect individuals to be included for each suspect shown. Instead the police showed the accuser a PowerPoint presentation of all 46 white members of the lacrosse team.

The April 4 photo line-up in which the defendants were identified followed a March line-up in which the woman could not identify anyone as her attacker.

"This procedure was designed to permit [the accuser] to pick any person she desired and identify him as the attacker," the motion said. "That person would then be charged with rape."

It is an obscene travesty of justice that this case has been allowed to continue. It is clear that no "rape" took place at that party. It is clear that the alleged "victim" fabricated the whole thing. Whatever one may think abut the boorish and immoral behavior of the Duke lacrosse team, no member of the team raped this girl, and Mike Nifong knows it. This case is no different from lynchings of black men by racist mobs.