Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where is Baron?

Baron Hill has signed a "clean campaign" pledge, according to the Herald-Times. Hill pledged, in part, to "publicly repudiate any support deriving from an individual or group whose activities would violate the principles of this pledge, whether that support be by TV, radio, direct mail, print or outdoor advertising, telephone, e-mail, or other mass medium."

That brings to mind a very infortunate incident earlier this week. Bud Bernitt, a Bloomington political activist who founded Citizens for Truth in 2004 to highlight Baron Hill's leftist voting record, found one of the signs for his realty business vandalized. A sign for a group calling itself the "National Democratic Message" had been screwed onto the Bernitt Realty sign.

Now is the time for Baron Hill to prove whether or not he truly believes in the campaign promise he signed. As you can see on this screenshot of the N.D.M. web site, the organization supports Baron Hill's re-election effort through a link to Hill's campaign site. Hill should publicly rebuke both N.D.M. and the thugs who vandalized Bernitt's property.

Vandalism has no place in politics, and this incident is especially disturbing because of the level of venom directed at Bernitt over the last few years. This was not a random act; it is clear that Bernitt's property was targeted. Local supporters of "National Democratic Message" have no right to use Bernitt's property without his consent to spread their political message.

It is unfortunate that the Herald-Times has again buried an important story. Despite the fact that the H-T has been informed of the fact that "National Democratic Message" supports Baron Hill, the newspaper failed to ask Hill any tough questions about whether he would be denouncing vandalism by local N.D.M. supporters. While I hope that the Herald-Times would actually do some investigative journalism and correct this oversight, I am not holding out any hope for the H-T to actually report these facts.

Where is Baron when it comes to keeping his "clean campaign" pledge?

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