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Was Princess Diana murdered?

By Scott Tibbs, January 26, 2006

I have twice said on this blog that Princess Diana was murdered by paparazzi. It occurred to me that I have not offered an explanation on ConservaTibbs.com for this statement, which sounds like a wild-eyed conspiracy theory.

The facts of the case are clear and well-documented. The paparazzi were chasing Princess Diana at a high rate of speed. Diana's driver crashed in an attempt to get away from them.

Here is where the "murder" argument comes in. I do not claim that the paparazzi had the intent of killing Princess Diana, either before or during the chase. It is possible that there would have been an accident had the paparazzi not been stalking Diana, since her driver was drunk. I do not seek to absolve the drunk driver of responsibility in this case.

However, it is clear that the paparazzi's actions are what led to the fatal crash. Had the paparazzi not been chasing Diana, the conditions (excessive speed in an attempt to escape the press) would not have existed that led to the accident. The paparazzi could have chosen to behave like human beings instead of vultures, and backed off when it became clear that Diana and her party were trying to get away. Instead, the paparazzi behaved in a subhuman manner.

Therefore, when I say that Princess Diana was murdered by paparazzi, I am making a moral judgment. The paparazzi are morally just as responsible for murdering Princess Diana as if they put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. While I expect many people will disagree with my moral judgment on this matter, I think it is appropriate to clarify that is what my statement is.