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O.J. Simpson gets away with murder -- ten years later

By Scott Tibbs, October 4, 2005

The picture on the front page of the Sunday Herald-Times is evidence of the damage that the Left has done to America. By cynically exploiting racial tensions and "playing the race card" at every opportunity, the Left has widened and deepened America's racial divide for no other reason than to score cheap political points.

Ten years ago, we saw how effective Leftist propaganda and race-baiting has been. O.J. Simpson brutally murdered two people, slashing them to death and nearly decapitating them. Simpson was the classic abusive husband, beating his wife, stalking her, and then finally killing her and her friend. O.J. Simpson should be dead right now instead of "searching for the real killers." He should have went to the electric chair to pay for his horrific crime.

Yet, despite Simpson's obvious guilt, blacks around the country (and specifically here in Bloomington) cheered when he literally got away with murder. Why is that? Because the Left has been pimping the notion that the police are "racist" and blaming every problem the black community faces on racism. The Left has created a "victim mentality" that caused blacks around the country to believe that O.J. the Butcher was innocent because the police were trying to frame a black man.

We saw the same mentality in the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which were sparked after white police officers were acquitted on charges related to the force they used in arresting Rodney King. The Dishonorable Maxine Waters, a Leftist kook representing California in Congress, was one of the radicals screeching "No Justice, No Peace", spurring on the anger that led to the riots. The way some Leftists speak about the case, you would think King was an innocent victim of a random beating by "racist" police, rather than a dangerous thug who assaulted police officers.

The Left should be ashamed of itself for deepening America's racial divide and stirring up racial hatred to score cheap political points. The damage the Left has done and is doing to America will take decades to repair, but that damage can only be repaired of the Left is stopped from ripping open wounds so they can never heal, and then pouring salt in those wounds.

Leftist philosophy is a disease that needs to be eradicated from the American political system. Conservatism is the cure.