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Deny the subsidy to Planned Parenthood

Herald-Times, May 20, 2005

To the Editor:

Planned Parenthood has applied for another subsidy from the Bloomington City Council. Unfortunately, I expect that the City Council will approve another handout to Bloomington's abortion clinic, especially with Jeffrey Willsey's courageous voice no longer on the Council. While Planned Parenthood does indeed do some good things, the destruction of innocent human lives every Thursday overshadows the other work they do.

The "pro-choice" City Council has repeatedly denied the sincere requests of pro-life citizens that their tax dollars not support an abortion clinic. That the grant requested by Planned Parenthood does not directly support "abortion services" does not erase the objections of people who are aghast at funding an organization that destroys innocent human life.

I am especially disappointed that City Councilor David Sabbagh, a Republican, has voted to give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood six years in a row. Sabbagh continues to thumb his nose at the majority of Republicans, who do not favor subsidizing America's #1 abortion provider. It should not be a surprise why Sabbagh lost nearly 5% of District 60 voters to pro-life Libertarian Jim Billingsley in his race against Peggy Welch in 2002. Sabbagh would get only 37% of the vote in a Republican district.

Scott Tibbs.