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"Why do you support terrorism?"

By Scott Tibbs, October 25, 2004

The American Thinker has an excellent editorial by Thomas Lifson regarding the terrorists who attacked conservative pundit Ann Coulter last week.

The editorial makes the point that the attack on Coulter is much more serious than a "simple" pie-throwing because of the chilling effect it has on political speech. Throwing a pie at a political speaker is not a "prank", it is an attempt to silence dissent.

American universities are already dominated by Leftist thought. A significant portion of the university Left has no tolerance for opposing viewpoints, so conservative speakers can expect to be protested and, in some cases, shouted down. But if Leftists cross the line into physical assaults on conservative speakers, how many of them will simply throw up their hands and give up? Is it worth it to go on a speaking tour when you have to fear for your safety?

Some Leftists justify the assault on Coulter by her aggressive style. It is true, Coulter can be abrasive, just like Michael Moore. I am certain that she often says things with the intention of riling up her Leftist critics so she can get more media exposure. But the abrasiveness of a pundit does not justify a physical assault by a couple of thugs.

There is an obvious question that should be asked of Leftists who either pooh-pooh the attack on Coulter or say that she "got what was coming to her". The question: "Why do you support terrorism?"

Indeed, why? There can be little doubt that the thugs who assaulted Ann Coulter engaged in terrorism. Laughing off a terrorist act shows an approval for that act. Where would terror-supporting Leftists draw the line? Destruction of property? Physical injury on a person? The death of a person?

It was the way some Leftists reacted to the terrorist attack on Ann Coulter that caused me to vote for President Bush rather than cast a protest vote for the Libertarian candidate. I am convinced that much of the Left either does not understand terrorism or does not take it seriously, and I could see no other option than to vote for the candidate who understands terrorism and is willing to do what it takes to eliminate it: George W. Bush.