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Christians must condemn divorce as Jesus did

Submitted to the Evansville Courier, November 24, 2004

To the Editor:

The Courier & Press editorial of November 24 raises a good point. Using heterosexual divorce to argue against opposition to homosexual marriage is a "Red Herring" logical fallacy. Divorce in and of itself, though, is something conservatives should be much more concerned about.

The Bible (especially the teachings of Jesus) is very clear on divorce, but the Christian church has been very weak on preserving marriage for the last generation. While homosexual marriage should be opposed on its own merits, divorce has already weakened the institution of marriage enough on its own.

What is most distressing about Christians' failure to take a stand against divorce is the high rate of divorce among Christians. How can we expect to be "salt and light" when we ignore the principles of God's Word? Why have so many pastors abandoned their responsibility to teach their congregations about God's stand on divorce?

Is the money collected on Sunday mornings more important than God's Commandments?

Scott Tibbs.