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Stop divisive subsidy

Herald-Times, May 07, 2004

To the editor:

Planned Parenthood, which maintains an abortion clinic on South College, is applying for $2,923 from the city's Social Services Fund.

As a pro-life citizen, I object to my tax dollars going to any organization that ends human life, as Planned Parenthood does every Thursday.

While Planned Parenthood maintains in its application that the funding it is requesting from city government does not go to its abortion operations, I object to any of my tax dollars going to this organization. In addition, Planned Parenthood does not need the funding it has requested from city government. Its national organization has plenty of money to help the local branch with its funding request.

Most of the city council professes to be "pro-choice." Should they not respect the choice of their pro-life constituents not to have their tax dollars go to an organization that performs abortions?

Barb Sturbaum, wife of city council member Chris Sturbaum, oversees the program for which Planned Parenthood seeks a subsidy. Chris Sturbaum should recuse himself from this vote due to conflict of interest.

We have a new mayor and two new members of the city council. Now would be a good time to move on from this divisive subsidy.

Scott Tibbs.