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More whining and crying about professor's blog

By Scott Tibbs, September 21, 2003

Leftists at Indiana University continue to whine and cry about an IU Business Professor's blog, where he posted critical comments about homosexuality. Leftists held a vigil outside the IU auditorium, where new students were being inducted into the Business School. (Click here for a report on the rally from the Herald-Times.) Jonathan Rossing, an organizer of the protest, told the Indiana Daily Student "there hasn't been a definitive statement from administration that IU does not stand for this hate."

Rossing's statement is patently false. Both the IDS and the H-T reported that IU Chancellor Sharon Brehm denounced Eric Rasmusen's comments. The H-T quotes Brehm as saying statements on the blog are "offensive, hurtful and very harmful stereotyping" and that they are "completely at odds with Indiana University's commitment to inclusion and its respect for diversity." The IDS quotes the following statement from Brehm: "I abhor the statements made on the site." I find it hard to believe that someone who has been active on the blog controversy had not seen either report.

This sounds like a cry of perpetual victim hood, demanding that IU repeat over and over that they fully support homosexual rights and "deplore" the kinds of sentiments expressed on Professor Rasmusen's blog.

Another individual complained: "This really isn't a freedom of speech issue anymore. It's more about the University's lack of policies to protect individuals because of their sexual orientation."

What "lack of policies"? Has the University disbanded the GLBT Anti-Harassment Team? Apparently not, as the IDS reported that the GLBT Anti-Harassment Team was planning to discuss complaints about Rasmusen's blog at its monthly meeting September 12.

Rossing when on to whine: "But from the perspective of closeted students or GLBT students, the comments on (Rasmusen's) log do not make people feel welcome here."

Oh, give me a break. How many pro-homosexual groups are there at Indiana University? Let's see: we have:

  1. OUT, IU's Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgendered Student Union

  2. GLBT student support services

  3. The GLBT Alumni Association

  4. Allys, "a group of straight allies of the GLBT community in Bloomington, Indiana"

  5. Crossroads, "The GLBT Group for those 21 and over"

  6. The Gay-Straight Business Alliance

  7. Girls Like Us

  8. International Queers at Indiana University

  9. OUTLAW, "Indiana University School of Law's Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Caucus"
That doesn't count other groups that support homosexual rights, including the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, IU College Democrats, and the Women's Student Association. Plus, there is an openly homosexual man running for City Council at-large as a Republican. The notion that a homosexual student wouldn't feel welcome at IU because of this blog is asinine.

What we really have here is a bunch of crybabies that want to silence dissent on the controversial social issue of sexual morality. Unfortunately for them, the First Amendment stands in their way.