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Conservative opposition to Schwarzenegger growing

By Scott Tibbs, September 2, 2003

Conservative opposition to Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign for Governor of California is growing. Ann Coulter criticized him in her weekly column, the California Pro-Life Council PAC endorsed Tom McClintock, the Campaign for California Families and the Right to Life League of Southern California criticized Schwarzenegger on "domestic partnerships" and abortion respectively, Alameda Times-Star columnist Norman Solomon noted that some socially conservative activists may be turned off by Schwarzenegger's movies, and the Traditional Values Coalition raised concerns about his character.

In addition to the concerns raised last week involving an interview with Oui, there are also concerns about Schwarzenegger's ties to an alleged Nazi war criminal.

This blogger makes a good point regarding Schwarzenegger's character issues:

In 1992, the Democrats made a "deal with the devil." They would look the other way as to any and all moral transgressions on the part of Clinton in exchange for all the perks and powers attendant to the presidency.

Now it appears that many within the Republican Party are looking to make this very same deal with the devil, only for the California governorship instead of the presidency. Indeed, it appears that only Tom McClintock stands between Ahnold and the Clintonization of the Republican Party.

I wrote a month ago about why I oppose Schwarzenegger's candidacy. I continue to hold the same position.

What if Gray Davis is recalled and Schwarzenegger is his replacement? The California GOP will have a "Republican" Governor who won with a small plurality. It is conceivable that Davis could be sent home with 45% of the vote while Schwarzenegger takes office as Governor with 25%. Schwarzenegger will have no mandate and no credibility, and may well face a recall himself in another year.

On top of this, Schwarzenegger is a supporter of abortion rights and a supporter of gun control. His commitment to lower taxes and fiscal conservatism is questionable at best. He vocally opposed the impeachment of disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton. Even if the California GOP manages to take control of the Governor's office through Schwarzenegger, they will be left in a weak position made worse by the fact that Schwarzenegger is not acceptable to the Republican base.

This recall has already put the California GOP into a no-win situation. Why make things worse by electing Arnold Schwarzenegger?