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Concerned Women for America rallies to close the Kinsey Institute

By Scott Tibbs, October 26, 1997

Rally at Bloomington courthouse exposes rape of children

Originally published in the Hoosier Review

Note: This is a report on the anti-Kinsey protest, but I will be inserting commentary as well as reporting the events. I also apologize for the foul language contained in this article. They were those of the protesters, not mine.

On Saturday, October 25, 1997, Concerned Women for America rallied at the Monroe County Courthouse in Bloomington, Indiana. The organization went through a laundry list of claims, including that it is not possible to get the kind of data Kinsey received on "orgasms" in young children, including infants, without interviewing people who raped those children. Carmen Page of CWA, which has 500,000 members, spoke about the Kinsey crimes. From Kinsey's data, Page claimed someone Kinsey interviewed raped 317 children. She described how the rape was timed and recorded in detail, something that could not have been done by one person, despite current Kinsey officials claims "only" one pedophile was interviewed. Page said, "we must end 50 years of Kinsey deception", to the loud cheers of CWA supporters.

Judith Reisman, author of a book that exposed Kinsey's crimes, spoke as well. She noted Indiana University has refused to open Kinsey's records, citing the need for "privacy" of people in research studies. However, it should be noted that rape is not required to be anonymous. If Kinsey interviewed people who raped children, Indiana University should not protect the people who committed those crimes.

Reisman also noted Kinsey's statement the rape victims experienced "definite pleasure" during the rape, and that when they said "no" they really meant, "yes". While some people scoff at the idea Kinsey's research contributed to the increase in rape in American society, Kinsey's beliefs here are exactly the type of ideas feminists are trying to stamp out with regard to rape, that when a woman says no she means no. Clearly, Kinsey's beliefs created an atmosphere where ideas favorable to rape can flourish. It is especially disgusting that these rapes were committed against children.

Other Views

Most people at the protest agreed with CWA's view on Kinsey, but a few people at the rally disagreed. Former Eighth District Congressional candidate Paul Hager agreed federal money should not go to the Kinsey institute, citing no constitutional basis for the federal government to fund Kinsey. However, he claimed Kinsey opponents have played "fast and loose" with scientific facts with regard to statements on how the increase in rape and other problems could be attributed to Kinsey. Hager misses the point, being that the Kinsey institute's attack on the moral fiber of American society created an atmosphere where rape could increase. Of course Kinsey cannot be held responsible for individual instances of rape (apart from the rape it condoned by gathering information from child molesters), but the research certainly created an atmosphere favorable to rape.

Another counter-protester, carrying a sign that read "I like Kinsey", said he respects that CWA has the courage of it's convictions and was impressed with the number of people attended the rally, but said it was "too bad" they opposed the gathering of "scientific" information.

Radio talk show host Stan Solomon attended as well, and had several comments for Hoosier Review. He said he believes in prosecuting criminals, and Kinsey's research was based on crime. He also said Kinsey was anti-American, anti-family, and anti-God.

Note: Solomon's program can be heard live on AM 950 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and is syndicated from 7 to 10 p.m.

"Fuck your prayer!"

Not surprisingly, there was a counter demonstration. The counter-protesters arrived shortly before the event, looking like they had not taken a bath in several months and trying to disrupt the event. The most disturbing event was when US Senate candidate John Price was about to begin the event with prayer, a militant protester carrying a sign that read "CWA promotes anti-gay bigotry" screamed "Fuck your prayer!" He shouted directly in the ear of a CWA supporter.

When the lady's husband told the protester to stop, he began screaming again, yelling "Free speech!" This is simply one of the most childish, immature things I have ever seen in my years of following politics. Whining, spoiled brats like this disturbed individual throw a temper tantrum if someone has the nerve to disagree with them, but if someone did the same thing at a rally they support, they would cry and moan about how they were being harassed by such eeeeeeevil people. The two-faced hypocrisy of the far Left was evident at the counter-protest.

Other demonstrators were almost as childish. They managed to get some CWA "No more Kinsey" signs, and ripped them up to say "Kinsey" or "more Kinsey". Another screamed "Let's get naked!" while still others carried signs saying "Death to teenage fornicators" to mock the protest.

Certainly, those demonstrators had a right to be there. However, throwing a temper tantrum like a spoiled two-year-old and screaming profanities is not the way to debate rationally.

Disturbing as well was the way counter-protesters cheered and booed the speakers. At one point, Reisman spoke regarding how the behaviors Kinsey condoned were illegal then and should be illegal now. The protesters cheered, presumably expressing support for no legal restraints on homosexuality. However, Reisman was not talking about homosexuality at the time, she was talking about rape. I would hope the counter-protesters do not condone or support rape, especially rape of children.

CWA was not holding the rally to oppose homosexuality, it was holding the rally to oppose the rape of children. However, closed-minded counter-protesters could not realize this, as they were too hung up on CWA's prior record of disapproval of homosexuality to realize this. I guess the best way to sum up the event is a quote by Grassroots United Chairman Bill Adams: "How can anyone support the molestation of children, whether you're heterosexual or homosexual?" A good question indeed.

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