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Funding for Planned Parenthood opposed

Bloomington Herald-Times, 06-18-2002

To the Editor:

Supporters of Planned Parenthood's request for $1,500 of taxpayer money through the Social Services Fund assert that PP does many good things. This may be true, but no amount of "good" done by PP can wash away the blood of unborn children staining this organization. Well over one million babies lose their lives to abortion every year in America, and many are killed every Thursday at Planned Parenthood's South College facility just a few blocks from City Hall. To those of us that consider abortion the willful, intentional killing of a human person, it is very offensive to consider that any portion of our tax dollars can go to an organization involved in this brutal act.

The sheer numbers of human persons killed by this "medical procedure" since Roe vs. Wade make abortion the preeminent issue in our culture. There is no moral question that is more important than whether or not we should allow the destruction of human life in the womb. The City Council cannot resolve this question, but by giving PP taxpayer dollars over the last three years they made a statement that those who end human life hold a privileged position with city government.

Finally, given that I oppose the three things Michael Newton brings up in his May 16th letter in an attempt to define "fatal hypocrisy" on my part, his argument collapses under its own weight. Mr. Newton may wish to spend more time thinking and less time generalizing. Facts trump stereotypes every time.

Scott Tibbs.