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No more mask bullying. I am done.

By Scott Tibbs, June 13, 2022

As I have said many times before, I supported the statewide mask mandate in 2020 and 2021. I was wearing a mask in public places before it was mandatory. But COVID-19 restrictions (especially closing businesses and "stay at home" orders) and mask mandates were always supposed to be temporary things, not things that last forever. But once they got a taste of power, COVID-19 fearmongers - including private citizens - just cannot give up the rush of telling people what to do.

At the beginning of the pandemic, if you questioned pandemic mitigation policy at all you were demonized. If you pointed out that extended lockdowns would be harmful, you were accused of putting money ahead of lives. The establishment and their drones were determined to shut you up. You were told that the negative effects of lockdowns were imaginary, but we know that this gaslighting was always a hoax. Deaths from drug overdoses and alcoholism spiked after the economy was locked down.

We now have vaccines that are very effective at reducing the mortality of a disease that had a 99.98% survival rate for anyone under 50 without co-morbidites before the vaccines were available. But to this day, if you question the need to wear a mask, you will be attacked and demonized, and told you do not care if people die. If you are a Christian, your faith will be attacked.

It was this environment and the vicious attacks on any and all dissent - attacking even those who generally supported lockdowns and mask mandates - that resentment and resistance grew. At the fringes, people denied that COVID-19 even existed. At worst, it was radically blown out of proportion. It was not. In only two months, over 100,000 people had been killed by the disease, and it would get much worse in the winter. But the bullying and demonization of all dissent fed and encouraged conspiracy theories. It is the COVID-19 fearmongers themselves who are largely to blame for the resistance, because they refused to allow any reasonable policy discussion.

I am done with all of it. I have listened to the fearmongering, the gaslighting and the propaganda for two years. I simply do not care any more. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. Anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, protecting themselves from the virus. Natural immunity is also quite common, and many people have natural immunity on top of vaccine immunity. We are much better at treating COVID-19 than we were two years ago. With all of this in mind, it is time to live a normal life. I am not wearing a mask in public for the rest of my life because some people cannot handle even the slightest increased risk level. If my bare face terrifies you so much, then stay home.

But we need to be brutally honest. Many of the fearmongers who are still shaming and bullying people for not wearing a mask do not care about anyone but themselves. Their only goal is signaling their virtue and feeling superior to everyone else. But the bullies are not convincing anyone, and are only inspiring more resistance. That needs to be called out more, and the shaming needs to go in the other direction. It is long past time for the virtue signaling bullies and fearmongers to be told to shut up and go away.

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