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Sarah Palin was right about Death Panels

By Scott Tibbs, February 7, 2022

Remember when Sarah Palin warned us about Death Panels during the debate over ObamaCare back in 2009? I do. Palin was roundly mocked and ridiculed, but she was right then and she is right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the radical Left to take their masks off and expose their true agenda and the natural end results of socialized medicine. Here are two frightening headlines: It has always been the case that medical care is prioritized for those in most need. Someone who is in danger of imminent death is given more attention than someone who is not. Denying care to someone based on their personal medical decisions betrays that principle. It also opens the door for dramatic regulations of our personal lives, down to our diet and exercise regimen. And at the risk of confirming Godwin's Law, it also raises the specter of eugenics and exterminating people who are seen as unworthy of life.

We should not forget, of course, that Barack Obama himself said at a town hall meeting in 2009 that an elderly person should take painkillers instead of having a life saving-surgery. Note this was in response to a woman asking if her mother would be allowed to have the surgery under the "Affordable Care Act." Despite the evidence of Death Panels coming from the President himself, Democrats railed against people who were spreading "conspiracy theories" and "lies" about ObamaCare.

Obama is not a doctor. He is a lawyer and a politician. Obama has no idea what would be best for any individual patient and is in no position to decide whether live-saving surgery or palliative care (including pain management) would be appropriate for any given patient. What Obama said back then matters more today than ever, because Obama's Vice President is currently the President.

If you wonder why so many people distrust public health authorities and pandemic mitigation policies, the open advocacy of (and sometimes implementation of) death panels is the reason why. This, more than any hypocrisy or overly restrictive policy, is why the government should never be in charge of our health care decisions. This power is already being abused and will get exponentially worse.

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