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Twitter joins the Flat Earth Society

By Scott Tibbs, April 1, 2022

The Babylon Bee was suspended from Twitter on March 15 for posting a link to a satirical article that includes the scientific fact that someone born with a penis and testicles is a man. This is where we are. Scientific facts are "hateful." We are back in the Dark Ages. Will Twitter enforce Flat Earth theology next?

Twitter is demanding the Babylon Bee delete the "offensive" Tweet to be reinstated. Twitter could easily just delete the Tweet itself, and if they were actually interested in removing "hateful content" they would do that. But this is not about removing "hateful content" from Twitter. This is about mandatory ideological compliance. This is how a cult operates. This is not about the "rules." This is about mandatory endorsements of Twitter's theology by submitting to Twitter's demands and admitting wrongdoing. Twitter commands users to openly lie about what they believe and follow the party line.

It is an article of faith on the radical Left that "trans women are women," but this is superstition that directly opposes science. There is no such thing as a "trans woman." Someone born with a penis and testicles is and will forever be a man, no matter what Twitter says. A man may choose to live as a woman, and he may even have himself surgically mutilated, but he will always be genetically male.

Obviously, trans people should not be bullied or harassed, and should certainly not be subjected to violence for choosing to live as the opposite sex. Violent crimes against trans people, and all other people, should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Someone who murders a trans person should be executed, as commanded by Scripture.

We can have a debate about to what extent society and our legal system should accommodate people with gender dysphoria while also respecting the rights of everyone else. But the radical Left is not willing to have a reasonable discussion about this issue. They demand perfect theological conformity, and say that anyone who does not recognize that trans people actually are the opposite sex is "transphobic" and is engaged in "hate speech" and even "violence." They say we are causing children to commit suicide.

An example of this is the college athletics scandal surrounding "Lia" Thomas. He is a 6'1" man with intact male genitals. We know this because his teammates at the University of Pennsylvania have complained he often does not cover up his male genitals when changing in the women's locker room. In any other context, a man exposing his genitals to women against their will would at least be sexual harassment. In the state of Pennsylvania, indecent exposure is a crime punishable by a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

University officials and the NCAA say Thomas does not have an unfair advantage because he has taken testosterone suppressants. National Review describes this as "magical thinking" here:
Menopausal women do not cease to be women after their estrogen levels drop. And neither do biological men cease to be biological men after their testosterone levels have been chemically manipulated. The sex-based advantages conferred on Thomas during puberty are as irreversible as they are obvious. It is literally impossible to change sex.
It is one thing to argue that trans people should be treated with respect and tolerance. It is another thing entirely to force women to accept biological men in female spaces, especially locker rooms and women's sports. The Thomas case illustrates the extremism of the transgender movement. It is bad enough that he has an unfair advantage over biological women. Forcing women on his team to accept an intact male exposing his genitals in the locker room is outrageous and shows just how little regard radical Leftists have for women's rights, privacy and safety.

This madness has to stop. Despite the radical Left's abusive gaslighting, no one is "targeting" trans youth or trans adults. The efforts to protect girls and women are a response to an aggressive culture war by the radical Left and the transgender cult. The bullies are not legislatures in Republican states. The bullies are the radical Leftists who are making indecent exposure and sexual harassment official government policy.

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