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The Liar Angeles Times

By Scott Tibbs, July 29, 2019

In 2006, the Duke "University" Lacrosse Team was subjected to a malicious prosecution for a rape that never happened. The prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence proving that the players were elsewhere when the "rape" happened, and hid DNA evidence that exonerated the players. Fortunately, the team had the resources to fight a corrupt system and avoided a conviction. Ann Coulter gave this wise advice when the story broke in April 2006:
You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.
In other words, had the lacrosse players followed a much more relaxed form of the Billy Graham rule, they would not have faced the fabricated accusations of a woman who would later become a convicted murderer. But the Los Angeles Times editorial board ignores cases like this:
Forgive us from stating the obvious, but the best way to not be accused of sexual misconduct is to not engage in sexual misconduct.
If only that had worked for the lacrosse players. But innocence was not enough to protect them from having their lives upended by a corrupt criminal "justice" system determined to collect scalps rather than enforce the law. They would not have been unjustly expelled by a corrupt "university" administration and made into national pariahs. To the Los Angeles Times, they are just collateral damage.

Decades ago, Billy Graham decided to follow a policy where he would not be alone with a woman unrelated to him. He knew as a prominent evangelist, he would face unique temptations and attacks, because Satan loves nothing more than to make Christians into hypocrites. Graham's policy has a threefold effect: It protects men against false allegations, it protects women from abuse, and it protects both from temptation.

But because the Los Angeles Times editorial board has no sense of proportion, they immediately assume the worst-case scenario. We are just one step away from an Islamic theocracy:
But thatís no excuse to practice discrimination and to devolve into a Saudi-like society in which womenís bodies must be kept away from men so they donít lose control.
This is not just dishonest. This is a flagrant lie. No one is saying women's bodies must be kept away from men. The Graham Rule means that women and men should not be alone together. There is a world of difference between men and women not being alone together, and women being kept away from men. Reasonable people understand this, and the L.A. Times editorial board is smart enough to know this.

Now, in fairness, as a candidate for governor Robert Foster probably has staff with him all the time and could easily have a male member of his staff accompany him as he is shadowed by a female reporter. This is not a difficult problem to overcome. But instead of saying that Foster is unreasonable for putting all of the burden on the Mississippi Today reporter, they assume the worst motives.

But the L.A. Times does not have the intellectual curiosity to actually examine Christian beliefs. To them, any departure from feminist sexual orthodoxy is the same as the Taliban. There is no room for nuance and no sense of proportion in this radically intolerant worldview. Sadly, it is this kind of foolishness and denial of reality that made the #MeToo movement necessary in the first place.

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