Is this really a serious argument?

By Scott Tibbs, May 21, 2019

It is interesting what goes viral on social media, especially when over 40,000 people retweet an "argument" that is so obviously not serious. Is knowledge about basic human biology really so rare that people think this tweet advances the cause of abortion rights?

I should not have to explain this, but DNA is not where life begins. Blood has DNA, but there is no concern that new lives are being destroyed when we have a minor cut or a blood draw. The only way to create new life is for a sperm cell to unite with an egg. Once united, they form a new human being which will grow and develop through the stages of life.

So since the scientific facts are clear, what exactly is the purpose of advocating "protection" of sperm cells? To illustrate "hypocrisy" on the point of anti-abortion males? There is no hypocrisy because no new life is created. Is the point to create comedy? I recognize that is subjective, but the tweet thread is so ignorant of basic biology that it fails to be funny.

The "every sperm is sacred" canard is a fundamentally un-serious way to address the debate over abortion rights, and it only serves to make an already divisive issue even more so by replacing serious argumentation with trolling and mockery. Come on, pro-choice folks, you can do a whole lot better than this.

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