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Sexual deviants always demand approval, never "tolerance"

By Scott Tibbs, July 6, 2018

I have said this before, and it deserves to be repeated: Sexual deviants have absolutely no interest in "tolerance." They demand acceptance for their behavior, which is why they evangelize for it. They will let everyone know what they do in the bedroom and justify why it is healthy, good and pure. If someone objects, they will be demonized as the worst kind of authoritarian bigot, forcing his personal beliefs on everyone.

With that in mind, we know exactly why this depraved article was written. A woman and her husband had no loyalty or commitment to each other, so they were openly cheating on each other. The purpose of that article is to take something everyone knows is shameful (especially the people involved in it) and try to eviscerate shame from the sin. They think if society approves, maybe their guilt would go away.

The worst thing about this horrible situation is that the married couple have children. They explained their perversion to their four year old child by saying it is possible to "love" more than one person at a time. The idea that one would equate adultery - including bringing in a live-in boyfriend to live with the woman and her literal cuck husband - with love for a parent is absolutely horrifying.

This is how you psychologically mess up a child for the rest of his life. This is also how you normalize sexual perversion, making children more vulnerable to sexual molestation. If we lived in a sane world, the "parents" would have their children forcibly be removed from the home and lose their parental rights.

As usual, the blame goes not to the pagan society that normalizes sexually deviant behavior, but to the church. Had the church not abandoned Biblical teaching on sexual purity before marriage and the Bible's clear teaching on divorce (among other things) we would not be where we are today in open promotion of sexual depravity. It will get worse, as sexual abuse of children will be normalized soon.

As always, reformation must begin with the church. Pastors and elders must be faithful to preach and teach Biblical doctrine on sexuality, discipline sexual sin inside the church, and promote God's beautiful design for sex. Christian church members must support and defend their pastors and elders as they do this difficult work, and pray for the Holy Spirit to send a revival. Until we reform the church, society has no hope.