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Antifa thugs and criminals deserve to be condemned

By Scott Tibbs, October 16, 2017

I expect people will often virulently disagree with my letters to the editor in the Herald-Times, and I expect that the Herald-Times Online comments section will be lively. I am long past expecting civility or honesty from my critics in HTO story comments. But when someone submits a letter to be published in the print edition in response to me, it is not too much to expect the criticism will be honest.

The October 10 letter damns me for equating the "alt right" thugs with Antifa thugs, but he dishonestly ignores the fact that I very clearly said that "White supremacists and neo-Nazis are evil," and that I also mentioned that "I have been personally attacked on numerous occasions by neo-Nazis who are furious that I oppose their agenda." It is shameful and despicable to ignore these facts.

Third, the violent crimes of Antifa are well-documented with video evidence - including violently attacking a black man. It is very interesting that my critic did not condemn that in his letter attacking me.

The fact that Antifa has engaged in thuggery and criminal behavior is not arguable. I will never apologize for equating a group of violent Antifa thugs with a group of violent neo-Nazi thugs.

I mentioned in my letter the Antifa thugs violently attacking free speech demonstrators in Berkely. Antifa thugs surrounded and beat a man of Asian ancestry. No wonder hate crimes have increased, with people like my critics excusing Antifa thugs who attack minorities. RESIST the violent Antifa thugs!

My position is and always has been that political violence is wrong, no matter who does it. It is too bad that Leftists are so consumed with partisan hatred that they become filled with rage when someone criticizes violence on all sides. Until Leftists stop the obsessive hatred, bipartisanship is a foolish fantasy.