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The neo-Communists are more of a threat than neo-Nazis

By Scott Tibbs, September 29, 2017

He did it tooooooooooooo!!

He did it tooooooooooooo!!

Can we please have an actual discussion over a political, social or cultural issue without the incredibly annoying, childish and intellectually bankrupt tu quoque logical fallacy being employed whenever someone cannot defend the actions of their own side?

I said on Twitter a couple weeks ago that we should prosecute Antifa terrorists as terrorists, and from that point forward it was tu quoque city. Only if we prosecute the KKK and white supremacists the same way, Leftists said. Hey, that's a great idea. Maybe Jeffrey Dahmer could have whined after he was arrested that since Ted Bundy escaped from custody and lived on the lam for a while, that he should get the same opportunity.

This is ridiculous. If Antifa members commit terrorists acts, then the only just thing to do is to prosecute them as terrorists. Whatever is done with the KKK, white supremacists and/or Nazis is completely irrelevant to that. I am to the point that when Leftists demand that I also call for Nazis who commit terrorist acts to be prosecuted as terrorists I do not take the bait. At this point it feels like punching down against an easy target that nobody likes. It is kind of like picking on the helpless nerd at school.

I remind you, of course, that the Nazis who have found my blog are not fans of me. They have called me a liar, a traitor, a cuck and a faggot, while using multiple variations of the word "fuck" and telling me to "educate" myself by reading Mein Kampf.

Let's not forget that Antifa targets more than Nazis. Antifa organized a counter-protest against the Rally for Life last January, though thankfully there was no violence. Antifa terrorists attacked and beat people at a "free speech" rally in Berkeley in August. Antifa terrorists have been known to physically attack blacks and people of Asian descent. This is not an "anti-fascist" movement. It is a neo-Communist movement, and we should not forget there has never been anyone who killed more Nazis than Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin.

Antifa has proven itself to be a dangerous threat with their repeated riots and violent crimes. Antifa is far more dangerous than the white nationalists and neo-Nazis they fight because Antifa has the support of many mainstream Leftists. So, yes, let's crack down on terrorist acts by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK. But the nerds and losers are not the ones we should be worried about. The real danger is the neo-Communists. Whether they label themselves the Weathermen, the Earth Liberation Front, the Black Bloc or Antifa, we need to recognize the serious threat posed by neo-Communists.