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When the Left's only principle is "I hate conservatives"

By Scott Tibbs, September 28, 2017

Far too many Leftists have no principles at all, save one: "I hate conservatives." All other principles are secondary to this hatred, and they will abandon and turn against their former principles in order to further their hate. I saw this recently with the totally unjustified pre-dawn SWAT raid on Paul Manafort, a former high-level campaign staffer for Donald Trump.

It was utterly absurd to launch a pre-dawn SWAT raid on Manafort's home, when a simple search warrant would do. There was simply no justification for it. Manafort was woken up by cowboy FBI agents knocking on his bedroom door. This is exactly the kind of nonsense that has led to tragedy in the past, from Corey Maye accidentally shooting a police officer during what Maye thought was a home invasion to police officers throwing a flash-bang grenade into a toddler's crib and nearly murdering him. The Manafort raid could very easily have gone sideways and ended in death.

Prior to the Ferguson riots, police militarization was an issue that was not well discussed outside of Radley Balko's work for Reason.com, the Huffington Post and the Washington Post. After people were shocked that police looked like an occupying army, police militarization became much more of an issue and President Barack Obama implemented some reforms in giving military equipment to local police. Leftists expressed concern and applauded efforts to demilitarize the police.

Of course, all that goes out the window with Manafort, because he is a conservative affiliated with President Trump. Hate overcomes that. When I described the raid as "police brutality" on Twitter, here are some of the responses I got:
  • No it wasnt, they got a warrant to search his home!
  • Yeah, kicking in the door is very scary!!
  • Find a safe space, little flower.
So we have gone from Leftists openly opposing police militarization and the overuse of SWAT teams on nonviolent suspects to applauding police brutality if it is done on someone Leftists hate. It is shameful.

Conservatives, this is what we are dealing with. In many cases, we are not dealing with rational actors who can discuss policy. We are dealing with people who are deranged with obsessive hatred for us. There can be no compromise and no bipartisanship with people whose only principle is "I hate conservatives." Wake up!