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Addressing objections from my pro-abortion critics

By Scott Tibbs, September 1, 2017

It is amusing how illogical, dishonest and counterfactual many of the comments are when Leftists respond to my letters to the editor. I will address some of the responses to my most recent letter here. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I am just now finally getting around to it.

But before I start, I found it entertaining that my critics were accusing me of forcing my view on others, when what I am objecting to is being forced to donate to Planned Parenthood. I am not forcing anything on anyone. Meanwhile, all of my critics are perfectly fine with taking my money by force and giving it to Planned Parenthood against my will. My critics' hypocrisy is astounding.

Also, I never said money goes to pay for abortions. Refuting a claim I never made is not an argument. It is a straw man. I said that money goes to abortionists, which is true.

As I said in my letter, we need to be done with the meme that "without Planned Parenthood the number of abortions would be much higher."

This is simply false. Abortions in Bloomington have skyrocketed. There were 23.6% more abortions in Monroe County in 2016 than in 2015. In fact, I led my letter with that statistic. Either the person making this fake claim accepts pro-abortion propaganda without thinking, or she is lying. Either way, the fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood in Bloomington is murdering far more babies than before.

Some of the comments are unworthy of a response, like the usual boring accusation that abortion opponents believe "women are lesser people." This has been addressed many times and I am not dignifying it with a response other than "that is a lie."

Now, to address some illegitimate, fake so-called "questions." Why are they illegitimate and fake? Because I have answered these so-called "questions" numerous times. If you ask the same so-called "question" over and over and over after it has been answered, you do not want an answer. You want to grandstand. Everyone knows what is going on here, and nobody is fooled. Now, on to the "questions."
Do you favor distributing condoms or other birth control methods in the schools?
No, I do not. The schools have no business doing this without explicit parental consent. This is a flagrant violation of parents' rights and should be illegal.
Do you favor educating kids about sex in the schools?
To the extent that it is part of an age-appropriate scientific curriculum, educating students about sexual reproduction is perfectly fine.
Are you willing to adopt an unwanted child?
I'm not willing to adopt every dog that is rescued from dog-fighting rings, but I oppose dog-fighting and favor criminal penalties for it.
Are you willing to pony up the money to help a mother raise her child who might otherwise have been aborted?
That is frankly none of anyone's business. Whatever I do, I do not need to advertise it. I am not into virtue signaling. Even if I had never lifted a finger, that does not make killing a baby permissible.

I said in my letter that "Of over $200,000 of requests denied, surely there was a more deserving organization, instead of an obscenely wealthy multinational corporation." The so-called "question" in response:
You mean.....like the Christian church?
This is what I mean about fake so-called "questions." I have always opposed tax money to churches. I have also written letters to the editor opposing vouchers for private schools and I have been consistent on this issue for over two decades. All of my critics know this, so the so-called "question" is dishonest.