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President Trump needs to grow up.

By Scott Tibbs, July 11, 2017

We need to expect more out of the President of these United States than personal insults and taunting. If the President says something that we would discipline our kindergartener for saying, conservatives should not fall in line defending him like brainwashed cultists. We have to be better.

David French is right. President Trump needs to grow up. He needs to stop posting personal insults on Twitter, and elected Republicans need to rebuke him for it every time he does it. Sometimes, the rebuke can be in private, and sometimes it needs to be done publicly. Republicans need to grow a spine, stand up to the President and tell him that this behavior is wrong and needs to stop.

It demeans the country and the office of the President for Trump to behave this way. Christians, especially, should not be defending this perverted behavior. We are not to defend immoral behavior simply because someone affiliated with our political party does it. Our loyalty is to Jesus Christ and His moral law, not to any political party or political leader. Hyperpartisanship and tribalism are idolatry.

To anticipate some arguments from Trump apologists:

"Freedom of speech" is not a licence to be a bully or to personally insult people. There are a lot of things that are legal (and even protected by law) and are still immoral. This is a lame defense of Trump's rage-tweeting.

I do not care that others are "mean" to Trump. That does not excuse the President of these United States acting like a spoiled brat. As the President, Trump needs to hold himself to a higher standard of behavior, rather than sully himself and the office of the President with these petty personal fueds and childish insults.

I understand that Trump is a "counter puncher." That is a good thing and is something conservatives have wanted to see for a long time. But there is a difference between criticizing someone's record, rhetoric, policy or moral character and childish personal insults we would not tolerate from a ten year old.

This is not how we win. Do you want to know how we win? We win by attacking the left on their rhetoric, policy and record, as I mentioned above. You point out when they are hypocritical or dishonest. You pass conservative legislation and push conservative ideals in the arena of ideas. Petty, vindictive personal fueds are not the path to political victory.

I understand that President Bill Clinton disgraced himself and his office with his behavior. While it is legitimate to point out the hypocrisy of Leftists who defended Clinton, that does not excuse President Trump.

I am no longer part of the #NeverTrump camp. I am a supporter of this President, and I want President Trump to stop behaving this way because I support his legislative agenda. Trump is harming himself and his party with this childish behavior. He is making it more difficult to "make America great again" by distracting from his agenda. Trump supporters are not helping this President by blindly defending everything he does. Good leaders need people who will tell them when they are wrong.