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By Scott Tibbs, June 2, 2017

♣ So what is the difference between state sovereignty and local home rule? Under the Tenth Amendment and with limits, the states have the authority to manage their own affairs. Local government is a creation of the state, so it is under the authority of the state. The powers of local government are wholly defined by the state. The principle is that the state is sovereign in either case - both in authority over local government and against federal encroachment over authority that rightfully belongs to the state.

♣ I have absolutely no patience for so-called "sports fans" (actually deranged cultists) who take their "fandom" to ridiculous extremes. Threatening the children of an NBA player because he injured your team's star (as San Antonio Spurs "fans" did) is evil. Whether the play was intentionally dirty or whether it was an accident, threatening children is far beyond the pale and the cultists who are doing this are no different from Muslim terrorists. It is also wicked idolatry that will bring God's wrath.

♣ Leftists are hoping that abortionist Willie Parker becomes the face of the "pro-choice" movement, since he pretends to be a "christian." The problem with this scheme is that Parker is not a Christian. Unrepentant mass murderers are not Christians, period. And despite what one joker on Twitter claims, killing in war is not the same as murdering babies. Killing in war can be murder, but a soldier following orders and obeying the rules of war (as defined by his own nation, international law, and most importantly God's Law) is not a murderer when he kills an enemy soldier.

♣ It is possible to honor a historical figure without endorsing everything he has ever done. Was Martin Luther a sinner? Of course Luther was a sinner who deserved the fires of Hell. No one knew that more than he did. But he provided an incredible historical service by breaking the hold of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church, which was oppressing God's people. Luther's statements on marriage, which I quoted a couple weeks ago, are to this day very valuable for us. They are perhaps more valuable today than they were in the Reformation because of the low esteem our culture holds marriage.