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Protecting special interests, not public safety

By Scott Tibbs, May 3, 2017

When a convenience store found a loophole that allowed it to sell cold beer, the liquor stores howled and their lapdogs in the Indiana state legislature jumped to action to stop this atrocity. But I have to wonder just how stupid the legislature thinks we are. The Associated Press reported that the loophole was closed because it "could lead to more underage people having access to alcohol."

First of all, this is just dishonest. Convenience stores can and do sell room-temperature beer right now. Not one single person - underage or not - will have access to even one drop of alcohol they do not have right now. The only difference is whether the beer will be sold at room temperature or refrigerated. It amazes me that our elected legislators can come up with such an obvious falsehood and think people will just swallow it. Just how stupid do they think we are?

Let's get real here. This was about one thing: Protecting the special interests. This is a gift to the liquor lobby, and nothing more.

If the legislature had been honest about the law, that would be different. A case can be made for protecting mom and pop liquor stores from competition, especially from the big box stores. I would disagree with that argument, but I could respect that legislative leaders were being honest with their constituents about why they are interfering in the free market. What I cannot respect is such brazen dishonesty, especially when everyone hearing this pathetic excuse immediately knows it it totally false.

We deserve better from our elected leaders in Indianapolis.