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Why are we helping the Islamic State?

By Scott Tibbs, April 8, 2017

Note: I sent this to President Trump yesterday.

Dear President Trump,

I am saddened and frustrated by your foolish march to war with Syria, especially since our actions have strengthened and will continue to strengthen the Islamic State. And we must be very clear about the reality on the ground: Weakening Bashir Assad's despotic regime helps the Islamic State.

Furthermore, we need to seriously think about whether we have picked the wrong side. The Islamic State slaughters Christians via brutal decapitations and even crucifixions. Huge numbers of teenage and even pre-pubescent girls have been forced to become sex slaves for Islamic State terrorists. Meanwhile, Bashir Assad has protected Christians from persecution in Syria. While Assad is an evil man, the Islamic State is much worse.

Which side is more of a direct threat to our nation and her people? Bashir Assad is not sending Syrian agents to shoot up nightclubs in Orlando or commit other horrific acts of terrorism across these United States and Western Europe. The Islamic State is doing that. We are enabling them to do it more by attacking and weakening Assad. Whether we intend to do that or not, that is the real-world consequences of what we are doing.

While I am totally opposed to this military action, I do want to encourage you regarding one area where you have been attacked by deranged Leftists. Obviously, you were right to warn Russia about the impending missile strikes. We do not want there to be miscommunications and errors that could lead to a military conflict between two nuclear superpowers. I am not sure if these people are genuinely stupid or so deranged in their anger and hate they cannot see the danger you avoided with that warning. If you must continue this war, please continue this wise, prudent policy.

Mr. President, you were right in 2013 and you were right last year when you said that Syria is not our problem and we should not be militarily involved in that conflict. One of the great hopes I had for your administration is a break from the interventionist policies of the Washington establishment, because this has infected both parties. Please abandon this foolish conflict and return to the wise position you had advocated for the previous four years. Please do not allow the war mongers in the Washington establishment to compromise your principled stand against military adventurism.