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Waah!! Waah!! He did it tooooooo!! He did it tooooooo!!

By Scott Tibbs, February 24, 2017

From 2009 to 2016, I had to say this (or a variation of this) repeatedly: "Barack Obama is the President, and Obama alone is responsible for his decisions." Now let me rephrase it: "Donald Trump is the President, and Trump alone is responsible for his decisions."

Within a month of Obama's inauguration, it was already incredibly tiresome to see Obama and his enablers point back to George W. Bush and whine like little children. It is even more tiresome to see conservatives adopt the exact same pathetic, childish excuses that Obama had been using (and that we roundly mocked him for using) for eight years. It is pathetic and needs to stop. Grow up. All of you. Grow up.

If what Trump is doing on policy is good, defend those policies on their merits. If the rhetoric Donald Trump uses is good, defend what he says on its merits. Do not whine that Obama did the same thing. It was childish when Obama and his enablers whined and pointed at George W. Bush for the entire eight years he was President, and it is childish now that Trump and his enablers are doing the same thing. Stop it.

Folks, this is literally the same behavior I am trying to train my children to avoid. I often say something like this: "It does not matter what your brother does or does not do. Do not worry about your brother. Worry about yourself." What kind of example are our national leaders setting for children and young people?