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Life is too short to be angry all the time

By Scott Tibbs, February 13, 2017

Since Donald Trump took office, the level of anger all over social media has been astounding. People are reacting with furious outrage to virtually anything Trump does or says. Trump's own supporters were largely driven by anger themselves, and much of that anger has remained even after he has taken office.

Wassup wit dat?

Here is my advice to everyone raging on social media: Chill out. Calm down. Enjoy life. Relax. In fact, combine chilling out and relaxing, and chillax for a while.

Last year was probably the most frustrating year I have ever experienced in politics, which led me to doing something I have never done before: I unplugged from politics for a month. For the first week of that vacation, I did not even read the news. I needed to unplug, settle down, and find some perspective.

We live in a time where we are more blessed than at any point in human history. We have more leisure time than ever before, better technology than ever before, and even our work is easier. Yet people get so wrapped up and angry about politics that they cannot speak to each other with any kind of civility. We have to blame them for what is wrong with the world, demand they join our outrage, and personally attack them if they refuse.

For the vast majority of us, the world will not suffer if we stop posting, protesting or venting against whatever has us outraged at the moment. Unplug and go paint a picture or take your dog got a walk. It is not worth it to be so angry all the time that you make yourself miserable, or to be so obnoxious that people do not want to interact with you. If it is affecting you that much, walk away for a while. Your stomach lining will thank you.