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More shady and unethical behavior by Shelli Yoder

By Scott Tibbs, October 26, 2016

Note: I recently submitted this letter to the editor to newspapers around the Ninth District.

Can Shelli Yoder's schemes to give your tax money to Planned Parenthood become any more shady and unethical?

In August 2015, Yoder and her cohorts on the Monroe County Council fast-tracked a vote to give Planned Parenthood a handout to hide it from the voters.

This year, the county council was going to vote on funding Planned Parenthood in late August. The vote was suddenly dropped, and would be rescheduled. The new vote will be November 9, the day after Yoder faces the voters of Indiana's Ninth Congressional District.

Obviously, Yoder does not want this vote taking place before voters decide on whether to send her to Congress, because the Ninth District is a very conservative district. Therefore, the Democratic supermajority on the council is doing her a big favor by postponing the vote until the day after the election. The county council normally meets on Tuesdays.

We have enough people in Washington who oppose transparency and open government. We have enough people in Congress who play political games with our tax dollars to hide the way they vote from the public. The last thing we need is just another unethical politician in Congress. Vote against Shelli Yoder.