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Hillary Clinton and her supporters are tone deaf

By Scott Tibbs, September 29, 2016

I literally laughed out loud when I read this statement in the Washington Post:

After a year and a half of running for president, the Democratic nominee has concluded that many Americans still do not have a clear understanding of what motivates her or what she would do as president.

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for 25 years. People know who she is, her history, her beliefs, her character and her public policy agenda. That is why she has been unable to build a lead against Donald Trump, who is also completely unqualified to serve as President.

Her public policy agenda is typical liberal Democratic stuff: She is in favor of more restrictive gun laws, she is in favor of higher taxes and more regulation of business, she supports expanding the size of government with even more social programs, and she is radically pro-abortion to the point that she even voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion - a procedure so gruesome it is literally inches from infanticide.

For those not bothered about her policy agenda, there is her character: She is a well-documented liar. Just this past summer she was caught in multiple lies about her private e-mail server, which was itself designed to avoid transparency and hide her work as Secretary of State from the public. There are real concerns over pay-to-play (also known as bribery) with the Clinton Foundation - large donors getting priority to meet with her as Secretary of State. Plus there are the leftover scandals from her husband's time as President, especially Mrs. Clinton's efforts to destroy women who were intimate with or abused by Bill Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton's problem is not that people do not know who she is. Mrs. Clinton's problem is that people know exactly who she is. That is also why her fear-mongering about Donald Trump is not working, because many liberals (especially younger voters) who are attracted to the Libertarian or Green Party candidates see both Clinton and Trump as terrible. That Mrs. Clinton and her supporters do not see how weak and flawed she is as a candidate demonstrates how tone-deaf they are. The only reason Mrs. Clinton has a chance of being elected President this year is because her opponent is Donald Trump.