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Shelli Yoder's shady dealings

By Scott Tibbs, September 14, 2016

We have enough shady dealings and obstacles to transparency in Washington D.C. We should not make things worse by electing Shelli Yoder, especially with her history on the Monroe County Council.

I have been speaking against the Monroe County Council's repeated handouts to Planned Parenthood for eight years. The council knows by now that I and a number of others will show up to speak against funding Bloomington's abortion mill, so Shelli Yoder and her fellow Democrats decided to try to pass it in secret.

Last year, I was stunned to see that the vote on funding Planned Parenthood had been fast tracked to the middle of August, for a vote that almost always takes place in October or November. Yoder and her colleagues wanted to avoid controversy by moving the vote up and shortening the process hoping that no one would notice until after they had already passed the corporate welfare.

This is simply unacceptable. Trying to sneak a controversial item through before the public knows what is happening is dirty, underhanded, cowardly and shameful. If Yoder behaves this way as a county council member, why should we trust her with a seat in Congress from Indiana's Ninth District?