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Vindictiveness in the homosexual rights movement

By Scott Tibbs, April 1, 2016

I find it interesting just how hateful and vindictive many homosexual-rights advocates are, even to the point of gleefully harming those who agree with them if it helps make some sort of "point."

The most recent example is the CEO of Salesforce, who threatened to "divest" from the state of Georgia if the state legislature passed a religious freedom law. What exactly does that mean, especially for roughly one thousand Salesforce employees in Georgia? Will they be terminated? Will they be forced to move to keep their jobs?

So to send a message to the Georgia state legislature, Salesforce is threatening the livelihood of hundreds of employees, or threatening to force them to uproot their families, yank their children out of school, and move away from family or friends in order for the CEO to take a political stand and make himself feel better. I am sure that these threats are doing wonders for employee morale and loyalty.

Let's not forget that the employees facing punishment may agree with their CEO on this issue, though that really does not matter. This is pure childishness - the political equivalent of a temper tantrum.

Punishing your supporters is not new for homosexual-rights advocates. Does anyone remember Initiative 957, proposed a decade ago in the state of Washington? This absurd ballot initiative would have, if it passed, voided all heterosexual marriages if they did not produce children within three years. Whether by choice or not, and even if they supported same sex marriage they would all be punished by this hateful and vindictive proposal.

This is why there is such a strong push for religious freedom legislation, folks. People are not stupid. We see how vindictive and vengeful homosexual rights advocates are and how willing they are to use the force of the state to punish or outlaw dissent. The issue of homosexual rights stopped being about "live and let live" a very long time ago. This is about mandatory acceptance of homosexual behavior, not tolerance.