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Using financial terrorism to to protect the innocent

By Scott Tibbs, April 9, 2014

If we are serious about protecting victims of crime (specifically victims of rape and sexual assault) then we need to engage in financial terrorism as a matter of public policy. The only way government agencies will be spurred into action to protect the innocent is if their funding is slashed.

As a case in point, consider this horrific story from Muncie, Indiana. A teenage girl was attacked and brutally raped in the bathroom of her own high school and the thoroughly corrupt principal did absolutely nothing about it, either to protect the victim or bring justice to the perpetrator. It is both his job and his moral responsibility - as an agent off the taxpayers and as a civil magistrate given authority by Almighty God - to protect the innocent and bring justice to the guilty. He failed in his responsibility to both man and God.

Obviously, this man should face severe criminal penalties including many years behind bars. It is a terrible tragedy and a miscarriage of justice that he will not. But that is only the beginning of the punishments that should be enacted, and those punishments should go farther than the criminal principal. The school should be punished as well.

Those punishments should take the form of severe and draconian budget cuts, enforced by state government. That will serve as a warning to other schools, effectively terrorizing them into making sure policies and procedures are in place to ensure something like this will not happen at their school, and that no victim of violent crime is abandoned.

This is why I was advocating that Penn State so-called "University" be thrown out of the NCAA, to make an example out of them and terrorize other universities into making sure this is not allowed to happen on their campuses.

If we really want to protect crime victims and force those with authority to do their job, there is no more effective way to terrorize the organizations in question - especially schools and universities - than to threaten their revenue streams. It shameful that such moves would be necessary, instead of the fear of an Almighty God who will judge those who allow children and teens to be abused. But in a godless society we need to take drastic steps to protect the innocent.