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Monroe County Democrats' irresponsible deficit spending

By Scott Tibbs, October 18, 2012

The Monroe County Council (controlled 5-2 by Democrats) patted itself on the back for a 2013 budget that had a deficit of "only" $275,792. The Herald-Times claimed that the councilors "unanimously praised" the budget, but Marty Hawk clarified on Facebook that she "did not 'praise' a budget that included moving a part of the budget into a fund that we can increase a tax to pay for it."

This is another example of an irresponsible Democrat-controlled county government spending recklessly. According to reports provided by the county Auditor's Office:

  • The total amended 2009 county budget had a deficit of $2,542,635.
  • The total amended 2010 county budget had a deficit of $919,556.
  • The total amended 2011 county budget had a deficit of $3,414,853.
  • The total amended 2012 county budget had a deficit of $876,497.

This is ridiculous. Over the course of the last five years, the Democrat-dominated county council has voted to spend $7,753,541 more than county government gets in revenue. It appears local government is taking lessons from Barack Obama in deficit spending. Is this the kind of leadership we need in county government?

We elect people to the county council to make the difficult choices with our tax money. Repeatedly voting to spend more than we take in is completely irresponsible. Am I supposed to be impressed with the fact that the 2013 budget - passed with an election less than four weeks away - has a much smaller deficit than previous years? Why is the Democrat-dominated council unwilling to pass a balanced budget?

We need a change in leadership in county government. We need to elect at least two of the three Republican candidates running for council to give the GOP a majority of seats on the council. A sweep would be even better, especially if the Republicans lose a seat due to the redrawn county council map. The Democrats have proven themselves to be irresponsible. We need to put some adults back in charge.