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John Gregg takes his stand as an Internet troll

By Scott Tibbs, September 21, 2012

There's nobody that's been a bigger Teabagger than Congressman Pence. - John Gregg, Democratic candidate for governor.

John Gregg shocked a number of people in an interview with Gary Snyder when he called his Republican opponent a "teabagger." That word is a slur used by the Left (especially Internet trolls) to demean Tea Party supporters. It is also a sexually degrading term used to describe the act of a man putting his scrotum into someone else's face or mouth.

I regret the need to post the graphic description above, but it is important for people to know exactly what the word that Gregg used actually means.

Gregg is clearly getting frustrated, as seen by a precious statement that Pence needs to "get his ass back to Washington" but the calling Pence a "teabagger" is far over the line. Gregg may excite the far Left with these remarks (especially Leftists in Bloomington) but most people do not appreciate this kind of language. It is unprofessional and unworthy of a candidate for statewide office.

But using the word "teabagger" is instructive because it illustrates Gregg's mentality. It illustrates that Gregg will not hesitate to use sexually degrading slurs to a huge number of Hoosiers who agree with the philosophy advanced by the Tea Party and vote accordingly.

John Gregg was never going to win this race, and he will be fortunate to get more than 45% of the vote. Gregg could try to lose with dignity, but he has apparently decided he is not interested in doing that. It is a sad commentary on his political career.