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Bloomberg's latest effort to meddle in your life

By Scott Tibbs, July 19, 2012

What would you say about a mayor who owns eleven homes - including a 33-acre estate and a 35-acre estate - who wants the people in his city to live in tiny "apartments" the size of two parking spaces?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (also known for banning trans fats and the sale of large soft drinks) wants to see more New Yorkers living in tiny micro-apartments with virtually no living space. One of those would not be good enough for him, of course, and he has eleven different homes to choose from.

I realize I sound like I am about to go "Occupy" something, but the fact of the matter is I do not resent the rich. When I see pro athletes sign mega-million dollar contracts, I am happy for them and the potential they have to be set for life. I am happy to see corporate executives make huge bonuses in an ethical manner. I love to see people become rich and I love to see the rich get even richer. I am very happy for them. I hold no resentment to anyone who has more than I do.

But what I find very annoying is when limousine Leftists like Bloomberg actually have the audacity to call for people to live in micro-apartments the size of two parking spaces while he owns eleven different homes including huge mansions. I find the attitude of infuriating. It is simply none of Bloomberg's business what someone else eats, what someone else drinks or where someone else chooses to live.

Bloomberg would defend himself by saying this is merely an option, but his history has to be taken into account. He is a statist. He wants the government micromanaging people's lives. It is absurd and it needs to stop.