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By Scott Tibbs, January 27, 2012

♣ I would never sign a fidelity pledge as a candidate for any office. I already made my vow to my wife in 2001 before God and His church. Signing a political fidelity pledge cheapens the marriage vow and reduces a covenant with God to a political statement. It's sickening and these groups should be ashamed of themselves for asking candidates to sign it. Candidates should be ashamed of themselves for signing them instead of rebuking this disrespect for marriage.

♣ This is why "Anonymous" is stupid. They propose to protest SOPA by taking down an opponent of SOPA! Why would you attack your allies? This will only serve to backfire and discredit "Anonymous" as a bunch of spoiled brats who can't be taken seriously. Shut up, already, you bunch of morons.

♣ So yet another American is being held hostage by the Iranian government. The answer to this problem is obvious. If the American hostage is still alive when Ahmadinejad comes back to New York, we arrest Ahmadinejad and hold him hostage. If the American hostage is executed, we retaliate. When Ahmadinejad comes back to New York to deliver a "speech" to the United Nations, he will be arrested and summarily executed.

♣ Rachel Maddow has taken to describing Indiana's Right to Work proposal as "stripping union rights." That's not the case, as this is not the same as taking away collective bargaining rights from state employees, as has been done elsewhere. Right to Work actually gives employees more choice by making compulsory union membership illegal. Which raises the obvious question: What are unions and Democrats afraid of, regarding allowing employees to choose?

♣ President Obama opened his State of The Union speech by praising soldiers returning from Iraq for making us safer. Obama is famous for saying the war in Iraq was "a dumb war." Obama said in January 2008 that Al Qaida was stronger that it was in 2001 because Iraq "distracted" us. Obama said in October 2004 that the Iraq war has made the United States less safe from terrorism and that it was a bad strategic blunder. Could Obama be any more of a hypocrite?