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The terrorist flotilla

By Scott Tibbs, June 8, 2010

Last week, Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla that was supposedly delivering "humanitarian" aid to the residents of the Gaza strip, controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. There were several fatalities and the international community rushed to condemn Israel's actions.

First, we need to establish some basic facts. Israel lives in a constant state of war. Hamas is regularly firing rockets into Israel to terrorize and murder civilians, something that should be recognized as a war crime. There are constant threats of terrorist attacks. Israel is surrounded by nations that are either untrustworthy or openly hostile, and has to be ready to defend itself at any moment. Given the circumstances, it is understandable that Israel would be jumpy.

In order to secure itself, Israel is enforcing a blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza. Last week, a group of "activists" attempted to run the blockade to deliver "humanitarian" aid to Gaza. Israel, with no way to know what was actually on the ship, offered to allow the "activists" to dock in an Israeli-controlled port, so that the cargo could be verified and legitimate humanitarian aid could be delivered by land.

If this was truly a "humanitarian" mission, the "activists" would have accepted Israel's terms. Instead, they forced a confrontation. As Israeli soldiers were boarding, the "activists" were throwing things at them, including a stun grenade. When the soldiers boarded the ships, things got more intense.

The "activists" attacked the Israeli soldiers, using knives, metal pipes and chains against them. Several soldiers were stabbed or slashed, and a video shows one soldier being thrown off the flotilla. Clearly, the armed confrontation was premeditated, designed to draw an Israeli response. The fact that the "activists" turned violent immediately demonstrates they are not "activists" at all. They are terrorists.

Israeli soldiers were justified in using lethal force to defend their lives and get the riot under control, especially since lethal force was used against them. This is exactly what the "activists"/terrorists wanted - an opportunity to use propaganda against Israeli soldiers killing "peaceful activists" who were only trying to deliver "humanitarian" aid.

This entire fiasco is a complete fraud.

What President Obama should have done once the facts became clear is to announce support for Israel's right to self defense and denounce the obvious fraud perpetrated by the "activists"/terrorists who attempted to run the blockade. His weak response demonstrates why he needs to be replaced.