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April 19, 1993 vs. April 19, 1995

By Scott Tibbs, April 20, 2010

Yesterday was 15 years since the Oklahoma City bombing, when terrorist Timothy McVeigh set off a fertilizer bomb and murdered 168 people, including 19 children. Leftists (including disgraced ex-President Clinton) are already engaged in fearmongering about "right wing terrorists" and warning that the Tea Party movement presents a similar threat.

This is completely unacceptable. While there are wackos in every group, the Tea Party has been a peaceful movement. (Let's not forget that William Ayers, an ally of President Obama, bombed the Pentagon.) Attempting to smear the Tea Party - a group that includes many people who were never politically active before - by tying them to a mass murdering terrorist like Tim McVeigh is beyond the pale and well below the standards of behavior we should expect from a President.

But I am much more frightened by the Waco massacre than Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City bombing was perpetrated by a couple lone wackos - scary to be sure, but we have caught the perpetrators and made sure they cannot repeat this evil act. Terry Nichols will never get out of prison. Tim McVeigh is burning in Hell right now and will continue to burn in Hell for all eternity. (Thank God for Hell.) McVeigh and Nichols will never be able to bomb a building and murder innocent people ever again.

The massacre in Waco was caused by the federal government's decision to use military force on American civilians. That represents a serious threat to our liberty. (See previous articles from 2005, 2006 and 2008.) A couple lone wackos can create a great deal of destruction, but the capabilities of McVeigh and Nichols are nothing compared to the awesome power of the federal government.

What McVeigh and Nichols did was terribly evil, and it is difficult for most people to wrap their minds around how people can hold such a callous disregard for human life. But we should not be distracted by the overheated rhetoric about the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. If left unchecked, the federal government presents a far greater threat to our lives and liberties than any terrorist could ever hope to represent.