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On the shameless race baiting by Greg Travis

By Scott Tibbs, January 14, 2008

Greg Travis continues to peddle the fantasy that I claimed "the Global Economic Collapse was the fault of Black people" and that "because bleeding-heart liberals made the mistake of loaning money to black people" on both mobtalk.net (posting under the handle "mimicus") and on the Herald-Times web site. Before we discuss this fantasy, let's have a little history lesson.

The first time I heard of Greg Travis was in 1999, when he looked up property ownership records and then attacked my credibility to discuss property rights issues on the old Herald-Times forums because I did not (at the time) own property. Travis has also repeatedly used Deuteronomy 23:1 to mock my experience with testicular cancer and proclaim that I am going to Hell because I lost a testicle to cancer.

In 2001, Travis purchased the mcta.net domain name and then sat on the email addresses, intercepting at least one private email message from someone who had not updated his address book. Travis promptly proclaimed himself "executive director" of the Association of Monroe County Taxpayers, which "coincidentally" is the same title I once held with the rival Monroe County Taxpayers Association. Travis admitted in the June 11, 2001 Herald-Times that he chose the AMCT name "to needle the Monroe County Taxpayers Association."

To address this fantasy: I never said that the recession and banking collapse was the fault of black people. I quoted a couple news articles and provided links, linking disgraced ex-President Clinton's economic policy to the economic mess, and Travis been pitching a temper tantrum ever since. I very specifically said "for government to encourage the banking industry to give loans to people who can't pay them back, regardless of skin color, is bad economic policy." Travis and I have been through this issue a number of times on local forums, so he knows my position very well. To continue to peddle this fantasy is borderline libelous.

Travis also claimed that I "does not believe women to hold elected office." (sic) That's a brazen fabrication, and Travis knows it. He knows for a fact that I have a long history of supporting women for elective office, including supporting Rebecca Sink-Burris for U.S. Senate in 1998, writing a letter to the editor in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette endorsing her over the Republican candidate. I openly supported Marty Hawk in 2006 and Alicia Graves in 2007. I openly endorsed both Vivien Bridges and Barbara Clark in the Herald-Times this past election (2008). Travis knows all of this to be true, which makes his lies even more brazen. He is a shameless liar.

Greg Travis, of course, is also known for making the statement that the Holocaust was not fundamentally immoral. When I asked him on talk.assmotax.org to confirm this belief in 2005, he explained: The world, to me, is never black or white. Events occur in a circumstantial context. Existence is subtle and nuanced. When I repeated my question, Travis wrote: as an existentialist, I do not believe that there's any such a thing as "fundamental" immorality. Travis went on to explain that the Holocaust was about unimaginable destruction, cruelty, and gave us a view into the depravity of man available nowhere else. But all of those aspects had a flip side as well; all of them had a creative side. The question is: was the cost of 6 million plus lives, unbelievable disruption, less than or greater than what good was generated? This is truly a perverse world view.

Meanwhile, it is well-documented that Greg Travis was posting death threats on the Internet leading up to the election. He is very unhappy that I exposed his behavior on this matter, claiming that I "lack credibility" despite the fact that I have provided screenshots of his posts to prove my point. I am very much looking forward to using the death threats (and the rest of his sordid political history) the next time his wife, failed Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis, runs for office.