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Absolute truth cannot be refuted by temper tantrums, Part III

By Scott Tibbs, March 10, 2008

Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) continues to throw a temper tantrum because I told the truth about the things he has said. (See previous articles from March 7, 2008, March 4, 2008 and February 25, 2008.)

Greg Travis continues to brazenly lie about my post from February 25, claiming that I said he believes the Holocaust was a "good thing". As I demonstrated on Friday, that is a complete fabrication, and Greg Travis knows it.

Greg Travis is also claiming I said he had personally attacked Iris Kiesling, who Sophia Travis is challenging in the Democrat Party's primary election. That is also a complete fabrication. What I said on February 25 was that Travis "is already attacking Kiesling". This is a fact, as I demonstrated on March 7. He attacked Kiesling for her positions on public policy, specifically as it relates to planning and zoning policy. The fact that Greg Travis has held these positions on land use policy for many years is irrelevant to the fact that he applauded and expanded on a post criticizing Kiesling on land use policy. Therefore, Greg Travis was attacking Iris Kiesling.

Greg Travis laughably accuses me of "stalking" behavior for responding to his temper tantrum, which is now over a week old. The first time I ever heard of Greg Travis was on the old Herald-Times forums that predated Hoosier Talk, where he criticized my credibility to question land use policy and advocate property rights based on the fact that his research of county property ownership records indicated that I did not own property.

Greg Travis has also accused me of sending an anonymous letter to various organizations regarding anti-Semitic posts he allowed to remain on his Web site. (I did not send the letter and have never even seen the letter). Of course, he also founded the Association of Monroe County Taxpayers, choosing the name "to needle the Monroe County Taxpayers Association", according to the Herald-Times. Greg Travis named himself Executive Director of the group. I was the Executive Director of the rival Monroe County Taxpayers Association less than a year earlier. Was this a coincidence?

His desperation to find new ways to attack me has made Greg Travis lose touch with reality. He posted the following hysterical rant in response to my e-mail to Herald-Times publisher Scott Schurz criticizing a headline in last Sunday's paper:

Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:18 pm
Nice to see that Tibbs is up to his old tricks of trying to get people in trouble with their employers, again. Note that he sent that note to the publisher of the HT, not its editor-in-chief. The latter works for the former and would be the one responsible for setting editorial policy, such as article titles.

Why would I send it to Schurz? Maybe because he is listed as "Sunday Hoosier Times/Editor-in-Chief" on the "Contact Us" page? Could it possibly be because, as publisher, Schurz the man in charge and is ultimately responsible for what is published?

Could Greg Travis be any more of a hypocrite with this hysterical accusation, considering his wife (County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) sent an e-mail to Herald-Times editor Bob Zaltsberg claiming that a quote H-T reporter Kurt Van der Dussen had attributed to her was "a fabrication"? Is it at all consistent for Greg Travis to attack me for criticizing the choice of a headline in the paper, while criticizing no H-T employee by name, given that Sophia Travis (who was president of the County Council at the time) is on record as having written the H-T editor accusing a Herald-Times employee by name of unethical behavior on the job?

The really amusing thing about this entire drama is that many more people know about my post on primary election matchups (and by extension have seen this blog) than ever would have had Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) not thrown a hysterical temper tantrum over one paragraph in a post on the 2008 primary election matchups. He's done more damage to his wife's campaign for elective office with his eruption than would have ever been done had he responded once and then let it go. The bottom line here is that what I wrote on February 25th is the absolute truth, and absolute truth cannot be refuted by temper tantrums. There will be no retraction and no apology for posting the truth.