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Absolute truth cannot be refuted by temper tantrums, part II

By Scott Tibbs, March 7, 2008

After my post last week on the matchups in the 2008 primary elections, Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) threw a temper tantrum that has now lasted more than a week. It has been really amusing to watch him fume because I told the truth about the things he has said.

He has also defended himself with some brazen, blatant, bold faced lies. One of those lies is below:

The most outrageous of those, of course, is his current accusations that Greg Travis actually holds that the Holocaust, in which six million innocent people died, was a "good thing."

Of course, I did not say this. Not one single time. Never. And Greg Travis knows it. What I said was that Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) does not believe the Holocaust was fundamentally immoral. Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) has said on many occasions that absolute moral values do not exist, therefore nothing can be fundamentally good or fundamentally evil. Moral values, to an athiest, are decided by human begins or groups of human beings. But if there is no Primary Source of morality, who is to say which value system is right? As a Christian, I look to the Bible, and conclude that the Holocaust was fundamentally immoral.

To reiterate his position, I submit the following, which Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) posted on mobtalk.net under the handle "Mimicus":

It's thus very hard, even for a die-hard liberal atheist like mimicus, who doesn't believe in absolutes of "good" and "evil" not to believe in subjective criteria of "good" and "evil." No, there's no such thing as "fundamentally" (i.e. absolute) good or evil, but one can nonetheless make a judgement oneself about the moral condition of something such as the holocaust.

What I have never said is that Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) said the Holocaust was "a good thing" or believes that the Holocaust was "a good thing". Knowing his argument was weak, and that he had proven me right with his own posts on the matter, Mr. Travis instead fabricated something I never once said in a pathetic attempt to smear my character. However, anyone who had read my posts on the matter knows that the claim made by Mr. Travis is a complete fabrication.

Another focus of this week-long temper tantrum was that I pointed out that Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) was "already attacking (Iris) Kiesling on the Herald-Times web site." He claims he sent me an email complaining about this statement, though I never saw the mail he allegedly sent. To be fair, it could have wound up in my SPAM folder and got deleted before I ever saw it. But, as the title of this post says, absolute truth cannot be refuted by temper tantrums. The following two posts are from the comment section of the article announcing that Sophia Travis was challenging Iris Kiesling in the Democrat Party's primary:

Saturday, February 23, 2008: 11:36 am

Iris has served Monroe County and Bloomington well during the 1980's and 90's. Unfortunately the times and issues have changed. I don't believe Iris has picked up on the fact that the citizens of the County no longer feel the need to continue subsidizing shopping choices.
Saturday, February 23, 2008: 11:45 am

Exactly, Jake. If the "ain't broken" status quo means widening more roads into/out of the county, thereby encouraging more commuting by non-residents, at the expense of residents. If it means subsidizing more big-box corporate colonialism, at the expense of resident's tax dollars and resident's businesses (WalMart is, after all, a constant crime scene and the #1 destination of the already overburdened Monroe County Sheriff's department). If it means expansion of and duplication of the westside sh*tscape, again at public expense and via public (resident) tax dollars, then I say it's broken. And, as we Hoosiers say, needs fixed.

Emphasis is mine. The fact of the matter is that that Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) applauded and expanded on a post criticizing Iris Kiesling for her votes on matters of public policy. As I said earlier this week, there is nothing inherently wrong with this, and substantive debates about public policy (however undiplomatic the tone might be) are at the heart of campaigns for elective office. For Greg Travis (husband of Monroe County Commissioner candidate Sophia Travis) proclaim that pointing this out is a "lie" is a desperate attempt to save face by demeaning the messenger.

Greg Travis, as you might recall, is the one who formed the "Association of Monroe County Taxpayers", choosing the name "to needle the Monroe County Taxpayers Association", according to the Herald-Times. that Travis chose the name . Travis also purchased www.mcta.net when MCTA let the domain registration lapse, as well as www.GrassrootsUnited.org, the Web domain for another local conservative group, Grassroots United of Monroe County. He then pointed both domains to his Web site. Travis also accused former Monroe County Commissioner Kirk White of "willfully misrepresenting Indiana University's position on I-69", as I pointed out a few years ago.

Thus far, his history of radical activism and uncivil behavior has not been a drag on his wife's campaigns for elective office, either in 2004 or 2008. That may not be the case much longer. I hope the Republican Party has the intestinal fortitude to expose his rantings, lies and personal attacks. The first step should be to challenge Sophia Travis to abide by the "clean campaign" pledge she took when she ran for County Council in 2004 by denouncing her husband's uncivil rhetoric.