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Our Founding Fathers: Deists or Devoted?

By Scott Tibbs, January 11, 2008

Here is an excellent review of our Christian heritage in the United States of America.

It has long been and continues to be, the objective of some, to erase the evidence of our Christian heritage. After all, we're tearing down Christian monuments--by court order, not erecting new ones. One of the methods used in purging our minds of America's rich Christian heritage is the re-writing of history. Unfortunately, reeducating our youth and citizenry with revisionist versions of the facts surrounding America's founding has been effective. When the history which occurs right before our eyes, with living witnesses, can be rewritten, without public squall, it is easy to understand how simple rewriting antiquated events can be when the witnesses have long been deceased.

In fact, I can furnish website after website which present nothing but twisted and out of context quotations bent on proving their false assertions concerning the faith of our founding fathers. However, despite their best efforts, the overwhelming abundance of evidence, impossible to ever fully erase, proves that most of our founding fathers were believers in Jesus Christ and valued and aided in the spreading of the gospel. In fact, both the settlement of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 and the colony of Pennsylvania in 1662 were founded with no other focus than to spread the gospel of Christ.
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