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Deny Planned Parenthood's funding request

Bloomington Herald-Times, May 14, 2008

To the Editor:

For the tenth consecutive year, Planned Parenthood is asking city government for a handout. For the tenth consecutive year, I urge the City Council to respect the views of pro-life citizens of Bloomington and reject this needlessly divisive subsidy.

No, the corporate welfare Planned Parenthood is requesting does not go directly to abortion services, and the $5000 PP is requesting for colposcopies will serve as a benefit to their clients. But there is no reason this service cannot be offered through a women's health facility that does not engage in the barbaric act of abortion.

This request by Planned Parenthood makes a mockery out of the John Hopkins social services fund and is clearly an attempt by Planned Parenthood to seek a political endorsement from city government. Planned Parenthood clearly does not need $5,000 in corporate welfare from city government. Planned Parenthood of Indiana's website has a news release from January announcing it had raised over $7.2 million for the "Tapestry of Strength" campaign, and PPIN's recent "Gathering of Goddesses and Gods" raised over $200,000.

Let the state organization fund the local Planned Parenthood, while the scarce Jack Hopkins funds can go to social service organizations that actually need it.

Scott Tibbs

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For more, see my letter to the Bloomington City Council on this issue.