Random Thoughts

By Scott Tibbs, October 8, 2007

♣ The Democrat Party continues to attack Rush Limbaugh for two words said in the course of a three hour radio broadcast. Never mind that Limbaugh was referencing someone who really is a phony soldier. While I expect Limbaugh to be regularly attacked for what he says, I am disturbed that Harry Reid, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Hussein Obama are demanding an “apology” in their official roles as U.S. Senators. Given the fact that Democrats want to legislate the clearly unconstitutional Fairness Doctrine”, one has to wonder what other attacks on the First Amendment that the Democrat Party has planned.

♣ The “religion of peace” strikes again. Peaceful Muslims have murdered several Christians and displaced many more over an alleged cartoon of the Muslim “prophet” Mohammed. Thinking people should not need any more evidence that the War on Terror is a religious war, but hopefully evidence like this will convince people who are unconvinced or wavering.

♣ Three members of the Duke lacrosse team who were the victims of an attempted lynching by Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum have sued Nifong and the city of Durham over the crimes Nifong committed. Mike Nifong is a rapist who should be behind bars for the rest of his life, but his sentence was pathetically short. Mike Nifong raped the reputations of three men who had committed no crime, he raped the legal system, and he raped the taxpayers of North Carolina. Hopefully these men can get some justice from the civil courts, since the criminal justice system refused to do what is necessary to protect our Constitution from thugs like Nifong.

♣ While the man who killed himself after a zoning vote did not go his way almost certainly had some serious psychological problems, this case should serve as a reminder to city planners and city councils that the decisions they make affect real people’s lives, sometimes in very negative ways. Obviously, not every variance should be granted nor every rezone approved, but elected officials need to consider the human costs of the decisions they make.

♣ A man who was told by Southwest Airlines to change a shirt with a double entendre printed on it “protested that the airline was infringing on his right to free speech.” Many people misunderstand the free speech right protected by the Constitution. The First Amendment prohibits government from restricting free speech, but does not prohibit a business from restricting what customers may wear. Southwest’s decision was stupid, and given the heat they are already getting the employee should have known better. But it was perfectly legal.

♣ As Moqtada al-Sadr negotiates to lessen violence between his faction and a rival faction in Iraq, the most obvious question remains unanswered: Why is Moqtada al-Sadr still alive? We should have put him in the ground three years ago. Moqtada al-Sadr is a terrorist, a murderer, and one of our primary enemies in this War on Terror. For our soldiers in Iraw, al-Sadr is far more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. If we’re going to fight this war, we need to do it right. Putting a bullet in al-Sadr’s head would make the world a better place.

♣ While some conservatives are having fits over Barack Hussein Obama’s decision not to wear a flag pin, I do not find fault with his reasoning. Wearing a flag pin on your lapel does not make you a patriot. It is synbolism, nothing more. While Obama’s support of the “Fairness Doctrine” may cast doubt on his patriotism, the lack of a flag pin does not.