2007 Fall Rally for Life

By Scott Tibbs, September 17, 2007

About 130 people attended the Fall Rally for Life yesterday on the Monroe County Courthouse lawn, protesting abortion and a government that allows abortion to continue. David Talcott welcomed people to the event and challenged the crowd with a with a Bible verse: Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. Isaiah 1:17. Can there be any more obvious example of relieving the oppressed than standing up for the unborn?

Keynote speaker Adam Spaetti addressed the frustration that many in the pro-life movement feel with victories that are too few, too small and too far between. Why is it that abortion is allowed to continue in our country? Why are we so ineffective when it comes to protecting the weak and helpless?

Spaetti argued that the blame falls solely on the church. There is apathy toward the atrocities committed in abortion clinics. Too many Christians do not wnat to change the sins of the heart that lead to abortion. Too many Christians leave change up to the Holy Spirit while "forgetting" that God often uses earthly means to change those hearts. With the number of churches in Bloomington, there should have been 500 people at the rally on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, not just 130.

What will it take to cause the Bride of Christ to wake up and refuse to tolerate the killing of His little ones?