Random Thoughts

By Scott Tibbs, September 11, 2007

♣ Mike Nifong spent a pathetic 24 hours in jail for his criminal behavior in the fabricated "rape" case involving the Duke lacrosse team. While no "rape" took place at that fraternity party, a rape did take place afterward. Nifong withheld evidence "showing that DNA of multiple men, none of whom were lacrosse players, was found on the accuser." The accuser's name is Crystal Gail Mangum, by the way. That the media still refuses to use this criminal's name is a shameful indictment of their integrity.

To further his own career, Nifong raped the reputations men who had committed no crime and stole a year of their lives. Had it not been for the aggressive efforts of patriots who defended the Constitution and opposed Nifong's lynching, these men might be in prison right now. Mike Nifong is a rapist who urinated and defecated on the grave of every single American soldier who ever died defending our freedoms. The rapist Mike Nifong and should be behind bars for many years, not a single day.

♣ A hippie in McHenry County, Illinois is whining and crying because he was told that he not allowed to attempt to ram his personal agenda down the throats of middle school students. The Northwest Herald used the word "preaching" in the title of their article, which is a perfect description of what Warwak was doing: attempting to advance a personal religious agenda while on the clock.

Is there anything controversial about this hippie being disciplined? If a student wanted to share his beliefs on veganism with other students, I would fully support that student's free speech rights so long as it doesn't interfere with the educational mission of the school. Teachers like Warwak should not be allowed to push their personal agendas on a captive audience. He is an employee of the school district and should be expected to abide by his employer's rules. There are many other ways to advance veganism. Discuss this issue in the forum.

♣ Police believe that a mother in Victorville, California drove her son and several other people to attack members of a rival gang. Obviously, the woman is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but I have to wonder what goes through the mind of someone who commits such a heinous act. It is one thing to teach your children to stand up for themselves. It is something else entirely to participate in and encourage criminal behavior.

If this woman did indeed commit this crime, the hatred she displayed for her son is appalling and sickening. She is encouraging a "gansta" lifestyle that will likely lead her boy to an early, violent death. How could any "mother" want that kind of life for her son? How can any "mother" not encourage her son to strive to succeed and escape a life of crime, violence, murder and drugs? If she is guilty, she's not much of a "mother" at all. Perhaps she could move to Florida and join Kathleen Grossett-Tate as a member of the Florida State Police.