July 16, 2007

Brad Ellsworth’s pro-abortion vote

When Congressman Brad Ellsworth was attempting to get voters in the 8th Congressional District to send him to Washington last year, he claimed to support the pro-life movement. It seems strange that someone who claims to be pro-life would vote for a pro-abortion San Francisco liberal like Nancy Pelosi for Speaker and put her in a position to block pro-life legislation.

Despite his strange vote for Speaker, it seemed that Ellsworth's voting record on legislation would follow his campaign rhetoric. His vote for HR 2764, however, raises serious questions about his commitment to protecting unborn children.

How can Congressman Ellsworth to explain his recent vote for this bill, which provides funding for pro-abortion groups and reverses the President's 2001 executive order denying such funds? America's leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, praised HR 2764 in a June 22 press release. (See CommonDreams.org.) Do you care to explain this pro-abortion vote, Congressman Ellsworth?

Voters in the 8th Congressional District voted to send a strong defender of the unborn to Washington for six consecutive terms. The Democrats managed to defeat John Hostettler by running a candidate who claimed to share Hostettler's views on cultural issues. (Dramatically outspending Hostettler did not hurt.) Was Ellsworth's professed opposition to abortion just another empty campaign promise? It appears that Ellsworth's loyalties lie in San Francisco, not southwestern Indiana.