March 30, 2007

Conservatives are having children! The horror!

Conservatives are out breeding Leftists, and Mark Morford is very angry about it. You can just feel his rage as you read his diatribe.

Unsurprisingly, Morford attributes large families to commercialism, showing his complete ignorance of the subject. With more children comes more demands on income, for food, clothing, education, medical care, entertainment, and so forth. Children also demand more time from the parents. Ask any couple with a one year old and they will tell you they do not have the freedom they did before the baby came along. That does not even include the mother giving up her body for none months to nourish the baby growing inside her. Having children, while rewarding, is an act that shows true love through sacrifice.

Yes, most children grow up to mirror the values of their parents. This is natural. Morford’s statement about independent thought is laughable considering the intolerance he displays for conservative viewpoints and the venom he spews in his column. If independent thought is such a good thing, Mark, why the intolerance to those who disagree with you on social issues? Once again, it is the ones screaming for tolerance who lack tolerance the most.

Morford’s statement about allowing children “to develop the capacity for independent thought” is almost too stereotypical to merit a response. People who believe this are unlikely to be swayed no matter what facts and argumentation is put in front of them. Nonetheless, all human beings have the capacity for independent thought by virtue of being human beings. I was a Democrat until 1993, and I supported Bill Clinton in 1992. Obviously, my views have evolved since then.

Morford’s “one word” about homeschooling exposes why many Leftists want more government regulation to regulate home schooling: an intolerance of opposing viewpoints. After all, some parents are not teaching the approved viewpoints of our government schools. Never mind that home-schooled children consistently score higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in government schools.

All of this whining and crying about conservatives having more children seems to be a ready-made excuse for failure. If your ideas are truly superior, then educate people and try to convince them that you are right. (Hint: hate-filled propaganda might bring praise from your Amen Pew, but will do nothing to convince those who disagree with you.)