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Mayor Kruzan should step up

To the editor:

After the shameful fiasco on Aug. 21, I believe Mayor Mark Kruzan needs to step up and show leadership by denouncing the uncivil behavior of the Leftists who shut down a legitimate planning (not policy) meeting for Interstate 69. Bloomington claims itself to be a “safe and civil city,” but screaming at people who were only trying to do their jobs is anything but civil. Telling the people making the presentation to “get out of our community” betrays the atmosphere of tolerance that our city supposedly embraces.

There are legitimate arguments against I-69, and legitimate ways to protest the highway. Vandalizing I-69 offices, shutting down public meetings, vandalizing private vehicles, or attempting to burn down the headquarters of the Monroe County Republican Party (which the Earth Liberation Front did seven years ago to protest I-69) do not fall into appropriate protest methods.

As mayor, Kruzan has a bully pulpit to call for a more civil and reasonable political environment. Most opponents of I-69 oppose uncivil, violent or criminal methods of protesting I-69. Kruzan should tell the radicals who disrupted the meeting that their voices are welcome, but their tactics are not. I am disappointed by his silence.

Scott Tibbs, Bloomington